8 Tips Before you go to Secret Falls
Secret Falls

8 Tips Before you go to Secret Falls

Tips Before you go to Secret Falls

After my trip to Secret Falls, I realized most of the group wasn’t prepared for the trip. With that said, I thought it would be nice to share some tips with you, this way you get the best out of this experience.

1. Bring sunscreen! You are out in the sun going down the river and you don’t want a sunburn to ruin your trip! We always pack this on our trip because I like to use chemical free sunscreen and I find sunscreen in general is more expensive at my vacation spot.

2. Bring a waterproof bag. Because we went with a tour group they provided us with waterproof bags, but if you decide to go on your own, you will have to get into the water and walk a couple of feet to the beginning of the trail

3. Waterproof shoes. We packed sneakers for the hike and sandals for going in the water, but water shoes would have been so much better. I highly recommend them after failing with the flip-flops!

4. Bring a lunch. Most people eat lunch once they get to the falls. We went to Subway since it was located right by our tour company.

5.Bug spray. The hike to the falls is beautiful, but if you’re getting eaten alive by bugs, it’s much less enjoyable. Don’t put this on until you get to the hike area since it will come off in the water. Got this at 7-11

6.Don’t forget your bathing suit and towel! You can go swimming in these falls but it’s shaded, so drying off in the sun is not an option. Brrr, it was so cold!

7.Waterproof casing for your phone or camera. These are expensive electronics and you want them to keep them safe.

8.Sunglasses, hat, a smile and a good attitude. Enjoy!

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